18 Dates Every Girl Wants To Go On This Summer

Alright, so it’s about dang time one of you guys out there buck up and take me on one of these dates.

They are simple enough, cheap enough, and if the girl is fun enough you shouldn’t have a problem with any of these 18 dates ideas.

Get the girl and go.

1. Country festival and concerts.

2. Lake weekend.

3. Road Trip.

4. Fishing…in the dark.

5. Drive-in movie.

6. Just go on a really long walk. Simple.

7. Cookout with just the two of you and have a bonfire.

8. Drive to a field and watch the stars.

9. Go shoot some shit.

10. Go swimming in the pond.

11. If it rains take her outside and make some memories. Then you can thank the good Lord for rain.

12. Go paintballing. Watch out, though, she might kick your ass.

13. Go hiking, kayaking, boating etc.

14. Cook for her even if you’re no good. The effort is what matters with this one.

15. Drive around with no destination in mind.

16. County or state fair.

17. Go beachin’.

18. Do something sporty.

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