12 Completely Random Things You Need To Do On Your Next Trip To Nashville

When in Nashville, TN there are a few things you MUST do.

Although a few of them might be a little wild or out of your comfort zone, you should still totally go for it.

Here are 12 things you need to do on your next venture to Nashvegas.

1. Go to the bars on Broadway.


Tootsies, Honky Tonk Central, and Legends are a must in my opinion. But you really can’t go wrong.

2. Take a picture with the Elvis statues around town.


Did you really visit Nashville if you didn’t get a picture with Elvis?

3. Have some good BBQ or hot chicken.


4. Karaoke. Or at least, try to.

Have a few drinks and get your ass on stage.

5. Spend waaaaay too much money at one bar.


Shots for everyone- on me! Worth it, right?

6. Ride a bull.


Even if you aren’t a cowboy you better pretend you are.

7. Yell at someone off the roof of Tootsies.

“Hey, you cowboy! YEEHAW!” *tips his hat*

8. Pay an unreasonably high price to hear your favorite song at the bar.

Because you were drunk and that song is your sh*t.

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9. Boot shop.

NCcowboy inside view (2)

Nashville is THE place to boot shop. They’re the real deal.

10. Go into one of the souvenir shops and buy something completely random.

Like an Eric Church button because everyone should have a button of Eric Church’s face.

11. Buy a hotdog from a sketchy food stand.


The most convenient drunk food.

12. Dance your heart out.

Grab your boots and your girl then dance the night away.

Thank you Nashville for always being a damn good time. 

Via Whiskey Riff. 

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