17 Reasons Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend In Their Lives

Having a guy best friend is the best thing ever.

No matter how many ups and downs we’ve had, I know I can always count on him to be there for a good time, honest truth/advice, and a long laugh. It’s a no pressure relationship with the opposite sex…who wouldn’t want that?


Here are 17 perks of having a guy as one of your best friends…

1. You can help each other interpret mixed signals.

2. He’ll tell it like it is. No bullsh*t.

3. He can introduce you to his single friends, and you can introduce him to yours.

4. He can stand all your dirty talk and he’ll probably join in.

5. He not only accepts but encourages your drunkenness. They’re probably the person who taught you how to drink in the first place.

6. He is always, always down jam.

7. He’s the best kind of wingman.

8. He’ll tell you what you need to hear even if you don’t want to hear it.

9. No one. And I mean no one can make you laugh harder.

10. You can hang out with him with no pressure.

11. You get to become close to his family. Huge plus when they’re awesome too.

12. He starts to play multiple roles. Brother, best friend, bodyguard, fake boyfriend if needed.

13. He has little to no drama.

14. Drinking with him beats drinking with the girls because you can actually loosen up.

15. He genuinely cares about you.

16. You can let out your inner guy when you’re with him.

17. You fight, drink, and swear with him the most but you wouldn’t trade your friendship for anything in the world.

Via Whiskey Riff. 

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