Lady Antebellum’s “Hurt” Is An Anthem For Anyone Who Recklessly Loves Someone They Shouldn’t

“Hurt” off of Lady Antebellum‘s most recent album released, Heart Break, is easily one of my new favorites from the group. The lyrics beautifully portray relentless, reckless love. If you know this kind of love you’ll get these points and this song will quickly become your anthem.

Getting swept in is easy.

“If you catch my eye across a crowded room
I’ll fall into the atmosphere surrounding you.”

“It always starts out simple like a conversation
Before I know it, I’m lost in your illumination.”

All it takes is one look, one touch, one song, one memory to come out of nowhere and completely take you over. You KNOW it shouldn’t be that easy but thanks to the heart full of love for this person, it’s easy for the little things they do to completely capture your attention.

Staying is full of ups and downs.

“If you pull me close just to disappear
The chances are, I’d wait for you a thousand years.”

“You’re a carnival on a summer night
Gone too soon every time
Yeah, it’s beautiful how you burn so bright
In the wasteland, you leave behind.”

One moment the fire is back and everything feels right in the world. Maybe it was one kiss, one dance, one word- whatever it was it got you good and you aren’t going anywhere now. You think it’s the last time you’ll have to feel the pain of the sudden low that follows that sweet high but really it could happen again in a thousand years and you’d still be there to take the hurt. You find yourself willing to wait however long it might take with the hope that the love comes back and stays for good next time.

Reckless love could end in hurt.

“If you light the fuse, you know that I’ll react.
If you’re reckless with your love just to take it back
You could hurt somebody like that.”

They know the pain they’ve caused you and they see that regardless of that pain, you are still willing to love them and give it a shot. THAT alone should be a huge wake-up call to them. Finding a person who puts up with a reckless love like that isn’t easy. You just want them to quit fighting something that could be so great and to stop throwing your love around so carelessly. Slowly and little by little, they are forming a scar on your heart…you could hurt somebody like that. 

“If you call me up at 3AM
I’ll run to the rescue time and time and time again.”

Via Whiskey Riff. 

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