10 Takeaways Every Guy Should Have From Luke Bryan’s “Southern Gentleman”

Guys: southern or not, you should learn a thing or two from Luke Bryan. His song “Southern Gentleman” from his “Farm Tour…Here’s To The Farmer” album is pure gold. To the guys, here are a few tips and to the girls, if a good man like this comes along don’t take him for granted. They’re becoming pretty rare.

1. “You looked at me like I was crazy , When I said mam’m to that little old lady”

Have some manners. Hold the door for her, always say mam’m, sir, please, and thank you. Just be respectful.

2. “And you say you still remember, our first date me cookin’ you dinner.”

Cooking a dinner is very, very attractive. It’s super thoughtful and I guarantee even if you’re not the best chef, it’ll still earn you more points with the girl than taking her out to dinner would’ve.

3. “And how I didn’t even try to kiss you at the end of the date.”

Not kissing her at the end of the first date isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It shows that you respect her enough to wait it out. Obviously, just don’t make her wait forever.

4. “Stand up when you walk in the door.”

Give her the attention she deserves. If she comes walking into the room make it clear to her that you think she’s the most beautiful and important person in that room.

5.“Spin you around an old heart pine floor.”

Dance with her. It does not matter if you’re a good or bad dancer. It’s just the thought that counts, plus it shouldn’t be too hard to just spin her around. She’ll love it.

6. “Rock you baby on a wraparound porch. Underneath a magnolia blossom.”

Hold her, and hold her tight. Hold her when she’s happy, sad, mad, loving, etc. Just put your arms around her and make her feel your love and protection.

7. “Walk you down old live oak road, Barefoot bridge see a sunset show.”

It’s about the little things. Show her where your favorite places are. Take her to watch the sunset and the stars. Walk her down that old dirt road. Romantic, cute, simple, and it’ll show you what kind of girl she is.

8. “Say I love you when I pull you close, and you know it’s true, as the gospel.”

Say and show her how much you love her. Don’t assume she knows. Keep on showing her how much you care for her so that she’ll trust it just like she trusts the gospel.

9. “I’m gonna, open up these plantation blinds, to the sun coming up in your pretty blue eyes
Tell you you’re beautiful a thousand times a day.”

Love her for her heart but also let her know that she is the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen.

10. “Girl I’m gonna take you on a trip like back in time. Just put your hand in mine, and won’t you…”

Show her that although it’s the year 2016, chilvary still exists. Be a gentleman. Show her what she means to you and then hopefully she’ll just put her hand in yours and you can show her the rest…

“Come here when you walk in the door, Let me spin you around this old heart pine floor. Rock you baby on a wraparound porch, Underneath a magnolia blossom.”

Via Whiskey Riff. 

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