• Presidential Leadership Award- Presented by Ambassador Randall Tobias who represented President George W. Bush after completion of leading a fundraiser at my school. The fundraiser ultimately built a school in Liberia, West Africa.
  • Young Entrepreneur Indiana Business Competition, 1st Place– Nominated by school faculty to participate. Presented a thorough business plan to a board of high-level entrepreneurs.
  • Wrote about the country music legend, Ronnie Dunn‘s song “I Worship The Woman You Walked On” which was shared over 212K times and inspired Ronnie to make it his next single. This led to an exclusive interview opportunity for me to chat with Ronnie about his new single and advice he has for the younger generation.
  • Landed the first official interview of my career with country music star, Chase Rice in 2015 as a sophomore in college
  • Media experience at the Country Music Association Festival in Nashville, TN in 2016 and 2017
  • Started a school in Liberia, West Africa in 2005
  • In 2010, I traveled to Liberia to visit the school I started called DBOS, Delaney Burgess Orphanage School, which the village named after me
  • Run non-profit organization called NGU Tribe which supports DBOS and hundreds of impoverished kids and families all over the world




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