Liberia, West Africa

At the age of 9, I decided I wanted to start a school in Liberia, West Africa. With the help of my community, I led a fundraiser at my school and had an event called “Hope For Africa.” As a result of these fundraisers, I had raised enough money to start building in Liberia.

I was recognized by the President Of The United States, George W. Bush and Ambassador Randall Tobias who was the Global Aids Coordinator at the time. Additionally, various media outlets including the Ellen Degeneres show sparked an interest in my ambitions.

In 2010, I traveled to Liberia to visit the school I started called the Delaney Burgess Orphanage School (DBOS), which the village named after me. To this day, DBOS is still a functioning school with 300+ students. Through NGU Tribe I’ve acquired many skills in leadership, management, organization, fundraising, event planning an so on.

For more information about NGU Tribe check out our website:

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