Whiskey Riff Journey

A little Whiskey Riff background…

Whiskey Riff, founded in 2015 is “The most entertaining country site ever.” Founded by Steve Gazibara and Wes Langeler, the site has experienced extremely rapid, organic growth. In its first 9 months, the site had 7mm unique visitors and over 10mm pageviews. Through January 2017, the site is averaging 2.5mm visits per month.

The Whiskey Riff brand is becoming recognized by fans and artists alike for its unique voice in today’s country music + lifestyle scene. Our fans, referred to as “Whiskey Riffers,” have grown loyal to the brand and look to the site to provide the latest country lifestyle news and entertainment. Fan support has spilled into shop.whiskeyriff.com, where they can buy various apparel.Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.16.14 PM.png

Delaney & Whiskey Riff’s journey…

Back in May of 2015, Delaney found herself almost daily on the Whiskey Riff website skimming through articles that Steve and Wes had published regarding anything and everything country music related. One friend, in particular, Delaney recalls would send her at least one Whiskey Riff article every few days or so that he thought Delaney would like to read. After just about 3 weeks of reading the articles, Delaney decided to take the next step. At the time she had just finished up her freshman year of college at Purdue University and was looking for something to do on the side that’d help her boost her resume.

Delaney emailed both Whiskey Riff and a popular publication on college campuses nationally called “The Odessey.” Debating between the well-known publication and the new, mostly unheard of, Whiskey Riff, Delaney ultimately chose the ladder. Her decision to pursue Whiskey Riff came down to the fact that it was country music related, brand new, risky, and it gave her a platform in which there was little to no restriction regarding what she’d write about. She could truly speak her mind and it was something she’d hoped, but didn’t necessarily expect she could grow with.

After a few months of writing randomly just whenever she found time, September of 2015 rolled around and she got an email presenting an opportunity to increase her role at Whiskey Riff due to the success of her posts. Instead of writing just for fun and randomly, Delaney would now write a certain number of articles each week. That was the moment Delaney decided she was all in. She was going to do everything she could to prove to Steve and Wes that hiring her was one of their best moves, to prove to herself that no dream is too big and no age is too young. She was going to make something of this opportunity.

Since first being hired in 2015 her role at Whiskey Riff has changed a few times but for the last few months, she’s been ‘Managing Editor’ for the company. Delaney writes a certain number of articles weekly and oversees the website content. Additionally, Delaney works on company relations, marketing/advertising, and overall company branding and image. Delaney conducted her first interview for Whiskey Riff in October of 2015 with country music star, Chase Rice and since then has done various interviews with new aspiring artists, all leading up to her big interview with country music legend, Ronnie Dunn. Whiskey Riff has not only presented these interviewing opportunities but has also allowed her to expand her network and promote Whiskey Riff through events and festivals such as the CMA Festival.

Delaney is so thankful for her two bosses, Steve and Wes, and all that Whiskey Riff has done for her. Something she’s learned from her Whiskey Riff journey is to always, always go for it. She can vividly remember second guessing herself right before emailing Steve for the first time about writing for them. She was questioning her writing ability and didn’t necessarily know what Whiskey Riff was looking for at the time. If Delaney would’ve called it quits and not sent that email, her life today would be very different. That’s the biggest lesson she wants to pass along through her Whiskey Riff journey so far- don’t ever doubt what you’re made of, always work hard, and always go for it.



For more on her story/questions, email delaney@whiskeyriff.com & be sure to check out her Whiskey Riff articles here.



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