NGU Tribe

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Spring 2017 Campaign

As Executive Director at L.D.M. Boko, a student-run Public Relations Agency, my team was given the task to analyze, plan, execute, and evaluate a campaign for NGU Tribe. NGU Tribe is a nonprofit organization seeking to inspire and equip people all around the world to fearlessly pursue the life they are meant to live. Currently, NGU’s main focus is at a school in Liberia, West Africa called DBOS which is home to approximately 200+ students and 15+ teachers and faculty members.

Through formative research and evaluation of the organization from a critical communication perspective, my team and I determined the organization’s main problem was financial stability and overall awareness. Ultimately, we were able to completely rebrand NGU, raise money for the organization, create sponsorship program, develop local business and school relationships with NGU.  The rebranding of NGU included the creation of newsletter template, social media calendar, business card, logo, and website. Through two events our team raised money for NGU. One was an event held at Buffalo Wild Wings and another at Purdue Brothers Bar and Grill. Both events were successful in helping us reach our objective. More information about these events, my personal work, and our final report can be seen below.


NGU General Flyer

Media Kit

Letter Template

Brothers Bar & Grill Event Flyer

Buffalo Wild Wings Event Flyer

Final Report

Final Presentation

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